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Karl Hardaway, the site Owner and CEO.

Karl Hardaway, the site Owner and CEO.

Welcome to nanaimoshipyard.com! This website aims to promote the knowledge in shipping and transportation ideas of the modern world, together with providing every researcher, students, educators and all web visitors to create a community within this website that will allow everyone to meet other visitors of common interest.

In this website, you will be provided with different articles like this:

“Every ship is particularly different and independently created for its specific use. Ships are normally used for transportation, enjoyment, discovery, commerce and battle. The demand for ships is consistently expanding because of the capacity to transport high weight limits across large bodies of water.

Types of ships have made a ton of progress since small boats were initially developed from shrubbery, vines and trees. A large portion of the first vessels assembled were flat rafts that easily transported a couple of individuals to and from local coasts. Eventually, bigger ships were made by emptying out huge bits of wood and vertically attaching tall wooden posts to hang their sails from. The sail boat commanded the ship industry for a large number of years before the technology was able to improve and modernize water transportation.

Fishing vessels are basically one or two types: artisan, a little ship regularly use for individual fishing as a part of local waters and commercial, which is normally used to catch mass amounts of fish all through the seas for benefits. Artisan boat are little excellent fishing vessel ready to support a small number of people and equipments. Commercial vessels are generally large and have electronic hardware, space to house a huge team and resting quarters.

There are lots of ships used for recreational purposes. A cruise ship is a rich get away vessel that commonly makes multiple stops and exotic areas. Most cruise ships have restaurants, bars, swimming pools, glamorous resting quarters and many different activities are available to travelers.…”

The above article written by the site founder, Karl Hardaway is just a clear sample on what you would find in this website. You may also reach us on our contact page for more infos.

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